Career Transition

To realize your career goals, you will need to be well prepared to transition to your next career stage – whether that next step is additional training or employment. You need to equip yourself with the appropriate knowledge and job search strategies that will open the right doors for you.

What Is Available To You

  • General information
  • Job search
  • Job application skills and tips

How You Will Benefit

Leverage your professional networks  

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking (Jul 1, 2010). Engage your professional network to facilitate your career transitions.

Follow the appropriate protocol

What is the protocol for acquiring a position in your chosen career path? Do you need to do a postdoc? Do you need a CV or a resume? What should you include in a cover letter? For academic positions, how do you prepare a teaching or research portfolio? Seek out the appropriate knowledge and tools so you are well prepared to achieve your career goals.

Prepare to repeat as needed

ADAPT is a comprehensive tool designed to equip you with lifelong career planning and development skills to navigate career transitions throughout your professional life. Repeat as needed.

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