Your scholarly development began when you built a strong foundation in your chosen discipline. In a similar fashion, your professional development will depend upon your understanding of the foundations of professional and career development.

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How You Will Benefit

Start to conceptualize your career path as a lifelong journey

Your transition from training to the workforce will most likely be the first of many employment transitions. Employment patterns suggest that your success throughout your career will depend upon the recognition of your transferable skills and your adaptability to new employment opportunities. A structured career development course will provide in-depth guidance on career exploration, goal setting, and accountability strategies contributing to career success.

Gain personal insight relative to your skills, interests, and values

Regardless of your career path, understanding your professional strengths and personal motivations will lead to more focused career exploration strategies and more fulfilling career outcomes.

Develop a holistic approach to professional success and personal satisfaction

Foundational knowledge, personal reflection, and self-awareness will best prepare you to make career choices that enhance your life, and complement your lifestyle choices.

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