Learning Communities

Learning communities provide you the opportunity for group learning and networking. During this stage you cast a wide net, explore a variety of career options, and develop transferrable skills that could be appropriate to an array of career pathways. Learning can occur in structured formats such as affinity groups or clubs, courses, seminars, workshops, or be found online or within publications. You might consider joining or starting an informal peer learning group with individuals who share a common interest.

What Is Available To You

  • Career exploration
  • Professional development topics
  • Peer learning groups
  • Tools

How You Will Benefit

Develop a network of professional relationships

Participating in learning communities is a highly productive means to expanding your network of professional relationships. Since networking is the single most effective strategy for identifying mentors and discovering hidden opportunities, learning communities are vital career resources. 

Gain new perspectives on a variety of career options

Networking with individuals from a variety of employment sectors will expose you to the responsibilities and expectations of those fields. Schedule “informational interviews” with individuals in positions that interest you to learn how to prepare for a similar career – most professionals will graciously share their career experiences.

Expand your range of transferable skills

Seeking out experiences or learning opportunities to develop professional skills that are recognized as valuable across employment sectors, such as leadership, personnel management, public speaking, and written and interpersonal communications will differentiate you from your peers.

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