Early in your advanced training, as you orient yourself to the demands of your graduate studies or to the expectations of your new postdoctoral appointment, it is important for you to understand the impact that early career development planning will have upon your ultimate career success and satisfaction.

What Is Available To You

  • Orientation events
  • Career and professional development services
  • Groups and organizations
  • Tools

How You Will Benefit

Learn critical new perspectives and information

Complementary university-wide and school-specific orientations provide critical perspectives on career planning and inform you of fundamental resources to ensure you get the most out of your training.

Discover where to obtain tailored support and services

Offices and services available in your school provide support for your career planning and professional development with the advantage that these resources and services are tailored to your scholarly discipline.

Connect with groups that provide diverse experiences and knowledge pools

National, university-wide, and school-specific organizations provide diverse experiences that range from social activities to professional development opportunities. They also provide valuable opportunities for direct professional development through participation as a volunteer or an organization leader.

Begin to map and track your career development

Use a Career Development Plan (CDP), also known as an Individual Development Plan (IDP), to develop and track your career development.


Graduate Students

Doctoral Introduction to Professional Development Seminar: Some graduate programs require that doctoral students attend this seminar, whereas other programs highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource. Please see your program director for your program’s policy regarding this seminar. 
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Postdoctoral Orientation to Career Development Seminar: Postdocs appointed in any of the six schools of the health sciences (dental medicine, health and rehabilitation, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health) are required to attend this seminar, and instructions are included in your appointment letter. The orientation seminar is optional for trainees appointed in all other schools; however, as a new member of our postdoctoral community, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this resource. Learn More >


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