Career Course Testimonials

“This course was invaluable to me. It is the best course I took in graduate school, hands down. I spent so much of my PhD uncertain and agonizing about the future, and in just two short semesters this class gave my life direction. I finally feel like I know what I want to be when I grow up, and I have the tools I need to get there. It’s still an uphill battle, making a big career transition, but I feel confident that eventually I’ll be able to break in. I came into this class feeling utterly hopeless about ever finding my place in the world, and I came out feeling happier and more empowered than ever. My one criticism is that this class should be advertised more.

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Doctoral Student


One of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken. It is nothing like a traditional class. It offers participants a confidential forum for contemplating and planning their own career paths. The topics go far beyond CVs and job interviews. It should be called WISDOM-101.”

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Postdoctoral Associate


“I found the course to be an open forum for discussion about all aspects of the career search -- academic, non-academic, work environment, professionalization, and support. The course treats the exploration of the entire individual with the goal of providing thoughtful and thought-provoking growth.”

Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Doctoral Student


“…This course was one that I did not know how much I needed, until I took it! I resisted my advisor when she suggested that I take the course, but I am so glad that I took it. It is extremely valuable – for so many reasons – and even more so with the changing higher education landscape.” “I will be starting a new job next week with...that I would have never even applied for if it weren't for [the] course. I didn't necessarily fit the job description, but it is an organization that I really wanted to work with. I was able to get an interview and convince them that I could bring so much more to the table. In the end, they modified the job role and created a new position for me. I am beyond thrilled!”

School of Education Doctoral Student


“Graduate school represented an opportunity to pursue the career I had dreamt of since childhood. I quickly realized that this career was not what I imagined and my motivation, productivity, and ultimately grades suffered. The course gave me the resources to realize that my skills, values, interest, and personality were better suited for business. Fortunately, my advisor was supportive for my change in career goals and I was able to focus on projects undergoing commercialization. Since the career course, my grades, motivation, and productivity have increased drastically and I am getting more out of my education knowing that there is a field that fits me as a person. I firmly believe that without the career course coupled with my mentor support I would not be in this program today and would be lost in my career aspirations."

School of Dental Medicine Master’s Student


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