Resources are organized to correspond with the one or more ADAPT ™ stages. This order provides a framework for you to align your use of professional development resources with your stage of advanced training.

This collection of resources is based on crowdsourcing from you and the University of Pittsburgh community. This list will continue to grow with your contributions. To add a resource click here.

See the ADAPT ™ page or ADAPT ™ stage icons for more information about these stages.

Orientation Resources

These resources will jumpstart your professional development and help you build a framework for your career planning. View Resources >

Foundations Resources

Foundational resources will foster self-reflection and increase your capacity for self-directed professional development. View Resources >

Learning Communities Resources

A wide array of formal and informal resources will allow you to develop critical transferrable skills and explore a variety of career paths. View Resources >

Career-Specific Resources

Resources particular to your chosen career path will allow you to make more thoughtful decisions regarding your career development. View Resources >

Career Transition Resources

Utilize these resources to strategically leverage your skills and enter your next career stage with confidence. View Resources >